Limburger Cheese
Limburger Cheese


How to make Limburger Cheese

1 How to make
1.1 Serving Size
1.2 Ingredients
Brine solution, Calcium Chloride, Liquid Rennet, Pasteurized Cow milk, Thermophilic starter
1.2.1 Fermentation Agent
Brevibacterium linens
1.3 Things you need
Cheese Press, Cheesecloth, Container, Knife, Draining mat, Press, Stirrer
1.4 Time Duration
1.4.1 Preparation Time
15- 20 minutes
1.4.2 Cooking Time
1.4.3 Aging time
3 months
1.5 Storage & Shelf Life
1.5.1 Refrigeration Temperature
How to make Fro..
383.00 °F
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1.5.2 Shelf Life
2- 3 weeks

Storage and Shelf life of Limburger Cheese

Surely you must have created a delicacy for now you know How to make Limburger Cheese, but what about its storage?Every recipe requires proper storage so that it sustains to the fullest of its shelf life. Here you will get to know the Storage and Shelf life of Limburger Cheese. Limburger Cheese when stored at a refrigeration temperature of 383.00 °F, can sustain for as long as 2- 3 weeks. This is the shelf life of Limburger Cheese. Every Dairy product has different storage conditions. Mostly all Dairy products are stored at quite low temperatures, for foods stored at Low temperature have a longer shelf life. Get to know which product has a longer shelf life and the refrigeration temperatures for different Types of Dairy Products here.

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