Roquefort Cheese
Roquefort Cheese


What is Roquefort Cheese?

1 What is
1.1 What is
Roquefort is a French Blue cheese, made from the milk of sheep.
1.1.1 Color
1.1.2 Flavor
Salty, Sharp, Tangy
1.1.3 Aroma
Sour smell, Strong
1.1.4 Vegetarian
57% Types of Cheese Dairy Products have it !
1.2 Origin

Find out what is Roquefort Cheese?

What will be the first thought, when you come across a question like "What is Roquefort Cheese?". Many of us might not have an answer to this, owing to a large number of dairy products, of which many of them are not so famous. For these people, you will find out what is Roquefort Cheese?, here. In simple terms, Roquefort is a French Blue cheese, made from the milk of sheep. This product is a Types of Cheese, that originated in France. It is a Blue colored dairy product. Roquefort Cheese has Salty, Sharp and Tangy flavor with a Sour smell and Strong aroma. Similarly, get to know about Roquefort Cheese Calories, how Roquefort Cheese Benefits your body and all the other interesting facts related to Roquefort Cheese, right here. Also learn about Roquefort Cheese Nutrition to get an overview of the vitamins and minerals present in it. So go ahead and find out for yourself "What is Roquefort Cheese".

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