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About Flowers

It is said that “When you don’t know how to say it, just say it with flowers”. Beautiful flowers are the best gift to a person on occasions like weddings, festivals, funerals and anniversaries. Flowers can also be included in diet while some have medicinal properties. Get to know more about about flowers and their structure in the upcoming section. Also check out Flowers by Color.

We provide you with a detailed list of flowers. For humans, these beautiful flowers are something to enjoy with different colors, shapes and fragrances while for many plants, flowers are the reproductive unit containing both male and female gametes.

Flower Structure

Flowers can be distinguished as Seasonal Flowers, flowers by shape and different Fragrant Flowers. Get the list of flowers and compare them on the basis of different specifications. Also learn about flower structure over here -

  • Sepal - a green, leaf-like structure that protects the budding flower.
  • Petals - colorful and often scented part, that attracts insects
  • Stamen - a part of the flower that produces pollen and consists of a filament and an anther.
  • Anther - a sack located at the tip of the filament that contains pollen.
  • Filament - a stalk that connects to and holds up the anther.
  • Carpel - consists of the stigma, style, and ovary.
  • Stigma - the tip of the carpel that is sticky in order to collect pollen.
  • Style - the slender, neck-like portion of the carpel that leads to the ovary.
  • Ovary - structure at the base of the carpel that houses the ovule or egg.

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